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Affectionately called 'Chevy' by fans, owners and the media, Chevrolet is respected the world over for the innovation featured in many of its cars. Whether you are looking for a compact hatchback, a luxury SUV or a practical sedan, Chevrolet manufactures a vehicle that meets your transportation needs. In fact, many of their cars cross boundaries in such a way that they fulfil the vehicle requirements of a diverse cross section of drivers.

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While Chevrolet strives to provide superior vehicles, it also strives to provide these vehicles at affordable prices, making it easier for everyone to be able to experience the pleasure of driving a Chevy. Each Chevrolet car is fitted with innovate features that enhance the driving experience by taking into account the differing needs of owners.
CMH Chevrolet stocks all models of new Chevrolet cars and many used Chevrolet models, giving buyers a vast array or vehicles to choose from - at the keenest prices. Our online database provides all of the information you need to decide which Chevy will best suit your daily driving style and vehicle requirements. Contact your nearest Chevrolet dealer to book a test drive of your favourite Chevy today.

Unveilings of new Chevrolet cars are highly anticipated events and they are greeted with interest by the car reviewers and vehicle enthusiasts alike. This is primarily because Chevrolet's engineers are forward thinking and aren't afraid to take risks. New Chevrolet cars incorporate cutting edge features with new technology to enhance the driving experience.

New Chevrolet cars include:

Spark - This compact hatchback is the ideal option for drivers who live in the city and are looking for an affordable vehicle. Not only is it affordable to purchase, but its engine is extremely light on petrol.

Aveo - The Aveo is a slightly more upmarket hatchback than the Spark and is able to accommodate five people comfortably. Buyers can choose between the Aveo hatchback and Aveo sedan models.

Cruze - Fitted with an engine that's capable of producing 140kW of power, the Cruze offers excellent acceleration and fuel efficiency. Choose between a 1.6-litre and 1.8-litre engines.

Optra - Car sales for the Optra remain consistently high owing to its sophisticated design, spacious interior and powerful engine. Furthermore, the Optra is fitted with numerous advanced safety features that project the driver and passengers in the event of a collision.

Captiva - This crossover SUV is both stylish and functional. Seating up to seven people in total comfort, this vehicle is ideal for driving along city streets as well as along dirt roads.

Lumina - Arguably the most innovative vehicle manufactured by Chevrolet, the Lumina is available in a utility pick-up truck and sedan, both of which are sophisticated and stylish.

While new Chevrolet cars are affordable, used Chevrolet cars are even more affordable because their prices have already been affected by the unavoidable market-value depreciation experienced by all new vehicles when they are driven for the first time. Even if a used Chevrolet is only a week old, it will already be significantly cheaper than the same model would be if it were purchased new.

While cheap used cars are often old or have been involved in accidents, used cars for sale at CMH are nearly new and have been thoroughly checked and re-checked to ensure that they're up to our high standards. In fact, used car sales at CMH Chevrolet remain constantly high because Chevrolet cars age well. This is largely owing to their cutting edge design; while other brand's vehicles go out of date within a few years, Chevy cars remain at the forefront of vehicle design.

Although the models available at CMH Chevrolet change regularly owing to supply, we often have numerous cars in each model available. Popular models include the Spark, Aveo, Cruze, Optra, Captiva and Lumina. Chevrolet's selection of vehicles is extremely diverse, which means that no matter what type of car you're looking for, you can rest assured that Chevy manufactures it. A used SUV, used pick-up truck or used hatchback from CMH Chevrolet may have been owned before, but we only accept vehicles that have been lovingly taken care of by their owners and are still in top condition.

Buying Chevrolet cars is more that just making a purchase, it's investing in style, functionality and comfort. Chevy cars are luxurious and practical, getting you to your destination safely.
CMH Chevrolet's online database comprises the full range of new Chevrolet cars and a constantly changing selection of used Chevrolet cars . Buy a car from CMH Chevrolet to benefit from excellent service, not only when you purchase your car, but also for years after you drive it off the showroom floor. Contact us now to book a test drive in the Chevy of your choice.

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Browse our new Chevrolet listings or used Chevrolet listings, or contact your nearest Chevrolet dealer.

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